Time for some Gordon Lightfoot


Here’s an excellent song for November 10:

Election Day


Tomorrow is election day in the United States. Go vote.

And I’m back!


It turns out that it’s hard to post new content when you forget your password. Whoops.

So you wanted an asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier…


Tonight’s your chance! All you have to do is get somewhere in between the Earth and the moon by tonight! Better hurry, though!

Greeks to vote on austerity measures


It’s like your boss asking you if your team will get together and vote on whether or not they want pay cuts, even though without them the company goes bankrupt. This should end well for everyone.

A win’s a win


Even when it’s ugly. GO BROWNS!



Sorry for the lack of updates, ye of the faithful readership. I have been swamped with work, preparation for my trip to Black Rock City next week, and (of course) the 2011 Indianapolis MotoGP is this weekend. The next week and a half should be one of the most amazing ones of my life, but getting there is tough. Thanks for the patience, I will try to update once more before I head to the Playa.